Whisperlite Universal Stove



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The Whisperlite Universal stove is MSR’s versatile and effective multi-fuel stove for your cooking, heating and boiling needs out on the road. The benefits of this stove are that it delivers optimal performance with both canister fuel*, and when switched over to liquid fuels** for longer trips, cold-weather, altitude and international use (where canister gas might be less, or un-available). Whilst the stove is lightweight, its collapsing stainless steel legs offer excellent stability, to support decent sized pots.

The stove comes with a useful canister stand, which allows you to invert the canister in use – improving the fuel efficiency when the gas is running low, or if using in cold weather when the supply starts to choke.

An additional bonus is that all working parts of the stove are visible and accessible – making the WhisperLite stove easy-ish to maintain, especially when out on the road. Spare parts are all available…

*Canister Fuels: Butane/Propane
**Liquid Fuels: White Gas/Kerosene/Unleaded Petrol & Gasoline