Survival Zone Bivvy Bag


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A light-weight, waterproof and breathable bivvy bag for occasional use.

Rab’s Survival Zone is a windproof, waterproof, breathable, tough yet light-weight cover for you and your sleeping bag. It is perfect for occasional use; take one on an overnight or weekend tour if you know the weather will be OK, or alongside a tent on a longer tour as an alternative option for spending nights out under the stars.

For the ultimate comfort, team the Survival Zone up with a down sleeping bag and a sleeping mat.

If you are after a more durable bivvy bag for regular use, look at the Alpine bivvy bag.



Never underestimate how much more warmth and comfort a sleeping mat provides when bivvying. Direct contact with the ground is when you lose the majority of heat.

It is good to have your sleeping mat inside the bag – it will mean not rolling off during the night, and let it blow/slide away into the valley you were admiring before the sun went down. The bivvy fabric will also help protect your mat against abrasion.

If cold, think about heating up some water on the stove and filling a bottle to stick inside your sleeping bag.