Shield Bivvy Bag


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Incredibly lightweight and waterproof, the Shield Bivi bag is suitable for use by itself or, if it is particularly cold, as an extra layer inside a tent. The Shield is made out of Pertex Shield and the seams are taped throughout.

The tapered shape means it is wider at the top that it is at the bottom and the hood has a pair of toggles to shrink the gap in the bag to a minimum – don’t forget to leave a gap when you’re asleep.

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Never underestimate how much more warmth and comfort a sleeping mat provides when bivvying. Direct contact with the ground is when you lose the majority of heat.

It is good to have your sleeping mat inside the bag – it will mean not rolling off during the night, and let it blow/slide away into the valley you were admiring before the sun went down. The bivvy fabric will also help protect your mat against abrasion.

If cold, think about heating up some water on the stove and filling a bottle to stick inside your sleeping bag.