PocketRocket 2 Stove



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The MSR Pocket Rocket stove is so small and packable it is easy to miss the when looking through your touring bags. And yet it will still boil a litre of water in 3.5 minutes; ideal for your boiling and light cooking needs on the road. Perfect for travelling cyclists that are conscious about riding lightweight.

The Pocket Rocket stove is not just MSR’s smallest and lightest stove, it delivers the best balance of weight, size, performance and price of any stove in its class. It also provides incredible pot stability, and the burner head is split into 3 to improve reliability in windy conditions.

For the ultimate solo lightweight and packable cooking/brewing setup out on the road, fit the Pocket Rocket within the Titan Cup, and then nestle within the Titan Kettle – Russian Cookware Dolls.