Jr Ranger Panniers (Pair)

£240.00 £190.00


The Jr Ranger Panniers are Swift Industries’ lightest, lowest profile adventure-panniers. 

Their design focuses on light-weight over waterproof, although the internal drop liner is made from waterproof textiles, and they have designed the bag to avoid any stitching in the liner body. Moisture that enters the bags will do so only at the seams, reducing the amount of weather that can enter the bags.

The Jr. Ranger Panniers come equipped with their classic, simple two hook and bungee mounting system. The traditional tension design is ace when it comes to safety and stability, just adjust the bungee length by replacing the knot along the shock cord in order to add or back off tension. When set up properly, your bags won’t budge or rattle.

For a full X-Pac upgrade, check out the Hinterland version.

The Jr. Ranger Panniers can be used on rear or front racks, just check the 18cm hook > hook distance suits your rack rails…