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Giorgio and Francesco spend a few days riding bikes from their basecamp on the Gran Sasso plateau in Abruzzo, Italy...

Winter fat biking, pogies, and ski goggles don’t normally make for a typical Pannier Journal story, sure, but this trip was a joy to check out, if anything for the handmade stove, rosemary on the steaks, and the sounds of trees creaking and fire crackling. To sum up – Giorgio and Francesco ride out onto the Gran Sasso plateau and set up a basecamp in the middle of nowhere, in deep powder, using a large tarp and the all important homemade coffee canister stove. The film is well shot, especially given the challenges of shooting in such a cold environment, where even batteries need to be sat on and cuddled to work. Tramontana is a journey focused on the primordial nature of the fire: the natural element that has always allowed us to defeat hunger, the dark, cold, isolation, and wild beasts. 

This trip is less about the riding, it is about using bikes to get somewhere off-the-beaten track and enjoying time out immersed in the great outdoors – surviving or living to the max, you decide. Either way, it’s got us stoked for a trip in Finmark next Spring that we are hatching plans for…