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Revelate Designs Bikepacking Bags

Introducing the innovators of bikepacking bags to the Pannier Shop

Revelate Designs was founded in Anchorage in 2007 by Eric Parsons, to build the finest, most functional, and most lightweight bags for travelling cyclists. He founded Revelate Designs out of a passion for adventuring on two wheels – after a decade of hauling his gear with varying loads and setups, it was clear that some new thinking using lightweight systems could be applied to the world of cycle touring, on & off road.

Using an industrial sewing machine in a basement apartment, Eric began sewing frame bags for snow bike races, mainly the Iditarod Trail Invitational. Demand grew quickly and after a few months he left his engineering job behind and he devoted himself to designing and sewing bags for others who shared his passion for travelling by bike and needed functional, lightweight gear.

Today Revelate remains a small Alaska-based business making high quality gear for travelling cyclists. They sew and manufacture everything in Anchorage, Alaska and Springfield (Oregon) with as much domestically-sourced materials as possible.


The Bags

Made from X-Pac material (the Sweetroll is TPU laminated Nylon) the Revelate bags provide the ideal balance between weight and robustness. Many kilometers of riding and experience, on and off-road, have gone into the designs of the bags – they are secure and practical. We know because we have given them a serious testing in the heat of Tuscany’s plains and Apennine mountains, and many journeys in the UK since.

The bags are ideal for lightweight cycle touring, and are the perfect solution for loading your existing bike without racks. Feel free to mix and match: the Sweetroll and Pocket handlebar bags are great for accompanying a rear pannier setup to provide a lot of useful storage up front without a front rack, and the Viscacha / Pika seat bags are for combining with a front loaded pannier setup…

Everyone tours differently and this lightweight setup isn’t for everyone. In warmer, drier weather and on tours with plenty of pit stops en-route, you are free to travel super lightweight but some travellers like to ride comfortably fully loaded: making room for extra shoes and clothing, large jars of Nutella, or bottles of whisky. The thing is, you always tend to fill up whatever luggage space you allow yourself and the bigger your bags, the more gear you take on a cycle tour: sod’s law. With this lightweight setup, you are forced to take the essentials and streamline the packing process.

Have you found your ideal cycle touring setup?



The ultimate seat bag for cycle touring adventures.

The Viscacha seat bag from Revelate is the go to seat bag for travelling cyclists. With its trusty weather-resistant roll closure, the bag can be loaded with anything between 6 and 14 litres.



The smaller version of the Viscacha.

The Pika seat bag from Revelate is the smaller version of the Viscacha. It has side panels that are 4cm shorter, making it a more suitable options for those with less clearance and exposed seatpost.



The ultimate waterproof handlebar roll bag for cycle touring adventures.

The Sweetroll from Revelate is a trusty waterproof seam sealed bag with roll closure, for travelling cyclists wanting to load the front of their touring bike. Coming in three sizes, the bag can be used for packing between 10 and 18 litres.



Useful quick-and-easy-access storage for cycle touring adventures.

The Pocket bag from Revelate is an add-on for the Sweetroll handlebar bag, providing super accessible additional storage – ideal for maps, valuables and other regularly used items on the road.



A handy top-tube bag for cycle touring adventures.

The Gas Tank from Revelate is a top tube bag for travelling cyclists to dip in and out of whilst riding. Use it to stow flapjack, Haribo, phone or camera, and gear you might want to access easily whilst on the road.


So, can you fit in everything you might need for an unsupported cycle tour?


Below is what we took with us on our bivvy overnighter in the Peak District using the Revelate Viscacha, Sweetroll and Pocket…

Safe travels...