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North Through Norway

A 2,500km ride, from Stavanger up along the Norwegian coast to Nordkapp via the famous Trollstigen pass...


The aim for our current expedition – our Nomads Tour – was to seek and meet with the various nomadic peoples between Europe’s most northern point, and Africa’s southern point. From our research, we outlined around eighteen groups en-route, including: Sami; Yoruk; Bedouin; Afar; Masai; and Tuareg. This three year, 35,000 kilometre tour should provide plenty of opportunities to reflect on our own cycle touring nomadism and enable us to collect stories as we go – an epic ride and true exploration for us.

To begin, we flew to Stavanger in Norway with our trusty Surly touring bikes and pedalled off up the Norwegian coast to reach our northern–most ‘starting’ point – Nordkapp. The route took us via Trondheim, the famous Trollstigen pass, and Mo I Rana – hugging the coastline, and hopping on ferries when needed.

Over the course of the first few days, we were reunited with the ways of the Road – a tad dizzying after nearly five years of lecturing, micro-adventuring, researching…and universal lounging off the bikes! Our route North through Norway was a good way of whipping ourselves back into shape; snaking our way up amidst its jaw-dropping fjords and plateaus jutted with glaciated summits, all the way to the Lofotens and Sápmi’s doorstep (Lapland) – traditional territory of the first group appearing on our list of nomadic groups. Out of breath and aching after only 265 kilometres, we recorded that we had already climbed over 4,300 metres with our 50+ kilograms loaded touring bikes!

But, it felt so great to be back on the Road; back at home…