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Fulvio & Valentina explore the north coast of Denmark, the Faroe Islands, and Iceland - capturing their cycling adventure in this rather special photo series...

On one such morning, as I supped away at a cup of my favourite coffee, my eyes set on a photograph hanging in the living room that I had taken years before in Iceland. It was my third solo bike trip around the land of ice and fire; the one trip that was supposed to finally exhaust my thirst for discovering every little detail of the country and its inhabitants.

In the three trips I had covered some 6,000km+ on all sorts of terrain and through various parts of the country, meeting a wide variety of folk – both locals and travellers – experiencing the foulest weather I had ever been subject to, and discovering the amazing hospitality of Icelanders. You could say I had closed a chapter of my life, fulfilled the urge, the dream, I had for years…


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However, the light hitting that photograph on the wall, in my chilled, coffee comfort zone, lit a new spark in my head. My recent trips had all been about me, myself and I – which was great at the time, given my brother and I were too young to lose our parents – but now it was different…

…enter Valentina, my better half. Not exactly a cyclist and not quite someone with itchy feet all the time. Definitely not a natural born adventurer. But, somebody ready to go the distance to check with her own eyes what I had experienced and why I loved Iceland, for sure. This is not a cringeworthy love-filled account of our trip – far from it. We had some very rough days in each of the countries we have crossed; those rough days that only some long distance cycling trips with very little comforts can force you through. Instead, this is our visual account of the 2,000 kilometres we cycled across a hot Denmark, misty Faroe Islands, and cold cold Iceland…

…the two of us chose to reach Iceland by ferry and not by airplane this time, which meant cycling the whole length of Denmark to catch the only ferry there is to go to Iceland, exploring the gorgeous Faroe Islands (which sit in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean) for 10 days, before crossing over to Seyðisfjörður in Iceland.

Hope you enjoyed the ride!


Words & Photography
Fulvio Silvestri



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