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Cumulus: Down Sleeping Bags & Quilts

Introducing Cumulus - super lightweight, packable down sleeping bags and quilt sleeping systems for bikepacking / adventure-based cycling...

Murmurs of Cumulus can be found across a whole load of different outdoor pursuit forums – firmly established amongst European backpackers with a want for gear at the lightweight end of the spectrum – and the brand has become a go-to for bikepacking / cycle touring folk (and us) who have a real need for packable, high performing shelter options. Whatever kind of cycle touring or adventure-based cycling you do – weekend road tours or a long ol’ back-country bikepacking adventures, equipment that is low in bulk and weight is always be appreciated and this is Cumulus’ game.

Cumulus’ speciality is down, which they source entirely from Poland. As an insulating material, down is well known for its warmth to weight ratio and compressibility so Cumulus didn’t think twice – sticking with a 850 Fill, quality down. With the down being so crucial to the quality of the final product, each batch is checked in house by Cumulus to verify quality / fill power; all manufacturing is handled in house, allowing them to pay close attention to every product they make…

quality of down, based on the volume in cubic centimetres of a single gram of down, when fully lofted. The higher the number, the more insulating air pockets there are – so the warmer it is, for it’s weight

actual weight of down in a piece of kit, in grams

Down Quilts are a genuine alternative to the traditional sleeping bag, especially for adventure cyclists. Removing the zip and hood means you can reduce the overall pack size and weight, whilst still being warm to use, when teamed up with an awesome, warm sleeping mat. Cumulus down quilts use two elasticated drawstrings to loop around your mat – keeping the quilt securely in place and preventing any heat from escaping. Like with the sleeping bags, the quilts all use the comfortable Pertex Quantum fabric to keep the down inside.

The Quilt 250 fits into a tiny stuff sack, which measures 18 x 14 cm. A comparable sleeping bag (such as the Lite Line 300) would fit into a stuff sack 1.5 x the size of this. Quilts benefit from being paired with a high-quality mat, which is worth bearing in mind when reading that the comfort temperature is 4 degrees.

If 4 degrees isn’t quite warm enough, the Quilt 350 has a comfort limit of 2 degrees – which might not sound like a lot, but two degrees is a noticeable difference when it is chilly. As with all sleeping options you can always add to sleeping comfort by using warmer mats, bag liners, socks, hats, fleeces etc.

Lightweight, packable and toasty, the Cumulus Lite Line sleeping bags are an ideal match for travelling cyclists. Their packability is excellent (spork included for scale) keeping their volume low so you don’t need to worry about space in your bikepacking bags or panniers. Pertex Quantum fabric is used as an outer on both bags – it’s low weight, toughness, and ability to hold down in and let moisture out makes it an ideal choice for sleeping bags.

The Lite Line 200 weighs 535 grams (850 Fill) and packs down into its 19×15 cm stuff sack. The comfort temperature rating of the bag is 9 degrees Celsius. It will keep you warm a few degrees lower than that, especially when teamed up with an awesome, warm sleeping mat and sleeping bag liner. With this in mind, the bag is best suited to outdoor spring/summer adventures or to expeditions that will have you sleeping inside.

A slightly bigger pack, but way warmer, is the Lite Line 400 which weighs 755 grams (850 Fill) and packs down to 25×17 cm. The 400 uses twice as much down compared to the 200 so has a comfort temperature of 2 degrees Celsius. This can cover a much wider range of conditions – all the way into mild winter conditions. Again, the bag will keep you warm a few degrees lower than that, especially when teamed up with an awesome, warm sleeping mat and sleeping bag liner

Cumulus’ range is tight-knit, with good reason. Each product has a specific use, making it easier to choose the right product for what you need. When it comes to bikepacking, Cumulus is an ideal fit, particularly for climates similar to the UK. If space and weight are high on your priority list, then quilts and bivvy bags makes perfect sense. Match the temperature rating to your environment and you’re ready to go. If you’re more of a leisure tourer that prefers the cosy, cocooning hood and zip of a sleeping bag then sticking with them isn’t a bad decision…

Wherever you find yourself travelling by bike, Cumulus down sleeping bags and quilts have you covered for packable, warm and comfortable overnight options…