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About Pannier

Unhurried, since 2012

MEET THE Pannier Team

>>     Stefan Amato     <<
stefan[at] / @stefanamato

Stef started Pannier back in 2011, whilst working as an architect in London. He is the creatively-minded guy at Pannier >> looking after the Pannier Shop, Journal (curating trips, illustrating maps and editing submissions), as well as working alongside Dave on certain aspects of the Pannier Experiences like routing and meal plans, hosting and guiding.

Out in the field, he’ll likely be towards the back of the group chatting about maps, ensuring each tourer’s bike and kit are packed properly, garnishing the food, pouring drinks from great heights, swimming at any opportunity, and manning the cheese-wheel.

Base // Sheffield, UK

>>     David Sear     <<
david[at] / @dav.sear

Dave joined Pannier in early 2018, following another role in the cycle travel industry. Originally trained as a mechanical engineer – specialising in restoring and rebuilding heritage Rolls-Royce & Bentley motor cars – he is the practical, mechanically-minded guy at Pannier: heading up Pannier Travel which involves setting up and carrying out all the ground-work for current and future Experiences. If you book or enquire about a Pannier Camp/Tour/Expedition you’ll most likely hear from him; please do get in touch if you have any queries.

Out in the field, he can be found tinkering with bikes, sprinting ahead to take photos and manning the camp hot drink station to make sure Pannier tourers enjoy their best ever morning coffee…or tea.

Base // London and South East, UK.


Are you a seasoned tourer? Guide in a far-off land where we should definitely be offering a bikepacking trip? Or, just interested in getting involved somehow? Please get in touch with us –


Old maps // Getting lost // Getting un-lost // Perfectly laid-out kit grids // Packing chaos the night before // Mug dangling // Postcards // Contour Crossing // #coffeeoutside // T H Holding // Battenberg cakes // Paved Alpine passes // Gravel travel // Groads // Cheesewheels // Watermelons // Snood-up headwinds // Shirt-flapping tailwinds // Gnocchi // Icy wild swims // Fred Wright // Alfred Wainwright // Faffing // Ferry hops // Sleeper trains // Nick Crane books // Firewood foraging // Campfire Camparis // One-pot meals // Refuge recouping // Bustling bothys // Hut slippers // Frank Patterson // 3-in-1 coffee sachets // #teaoutside // Nutella // Mocha-Pot Mornings // Every new day on the road…


Duncan Philpott
Jordan Gibbons
Chris McClean

Pannier Contributors

If you have any stories from trips (past or present) or are planning a tour in the near future and keen to pitch an idea for the Pannier Journal, please do send us an email – – we are are always interested to hear from fellow travelling cyclists. Hopefully we can add you to our list of contributors so far:

Adeline O’Moreau / @ecunard
Alastair Humphreys /  @Al_Humphreys
Alessandro Gallo /  @ale_gallo81
Alex Hotchin / @alex_hotchin
Alex Turner / @alexcarlturner
Andre Kniepkamp / @andre_kniepkamp
Andy Waterman /  @andywaterman
Anselm Pahnke / @velo__love
Antonio Abreu / @
Antton Miettinen /  @anttonmiettinen
Athena Mellor /  @athenamellor
Athlyn Cathcart-Keays /  @athlynck
Ben Mills / @username_b_e_n
Ben Page / @benpagefilms
Beth Hodge / @brynridesbikes
Brendan Fraser / @brendanfraserphoto
Camille McMillan / @camillejmcmillan
Cass Gilbert / @whileoutriding
Chris Goodman /  @uninspiredramblings
Chris McClean /  @chrismcclean
Chris McNally / @the.scorps
Chris Morrison /
Dan & Jorja (jambi-jambi) /  @jambi_jambi
Dan Easton / @kluens
Dan Papadopoulos /  @CycleEarth
Danil Usmanov / @
Danny Janes /  @alwaysridingcc
Dave Sear / @davsear
Duncan Philpott / @p4dunc
Ed Holt /  @edbicycle
Ed Schofield / @cedarcreates
Eleanor Moseman /  @ellenmoseman
Elliott Waring / @seeoutside_
Eloise Adler (Bursary 2016 Tourer)
Erik Mathy / @erikhmathy
Florian Haeussler /  @fern_bicycles
Francesco D’Alessio /  @montanus_thewildside
Franzi & Jona /  @talesontyres
Fulvio Silvestri / @fulviosilvestri
George Marshall /  @georgemarshall
Georgia Cottle (Bursary 2016 Tourer)
Giorgia Frattale /  @montanus_thewildside
Graham Ashton / @grahamashton
Hannah Maia /  @maiamedia
Harry Engels /  @harry_engels
Hilde Porch
Jack Chevell /  @JackChevell
Jack Thurston / @jackthurston
James Olsen / @torinonicerally
Janick & Pierre /  @nomadsxnomads
Jelle Mul /  @jellemul
Jess Duffy / @jessduff.y
Jessica & Daniel /  @rollinon2wheels
Jonathan Kambskarð-Bennett /
Jordan Gibbons /  @gordanjibbons
Josh Brooks / @joshiebrooks
Josh Cunningham / @coshjunningham
Juan Sisto /  @juansisto
Katherine Moore / @katherinebikes
Liz Seabrook /  @lizbethseabrook
Luke Bullen /  @lukebullen
Luke Francis / @talktofrancis
Matty Waudby /  @getwildmatty
Max Huber / @maxmanavihuber
Max Leonard /  @m_xl
Michele Boschetti
Mike White /  @boneshakermag
Neil & Harriet Pike /  @pikesonbikes
Neza Petreca / @t.w.w.c
Paolo Ciaberta /  @paolociaberta
Pascal Lally / @pascal_lally
Paul Jeurissen /  @paul_jeurissen
Pete Harrington /  @alwaysriding
Peter Westcoast / @westcoastpete
Phillip Zwanzig /  @fern_bicycles
Rene Zieger / @rene_zieger
Rob Lutter /  @robertlutter
Rolling Donkeys /  @rollingdonkeys
Stefan Amato / @stefanamato
Stefan Haehnel / @stefanhaehnel
Stefan Rohner /  @eivissastef
Stefan Schott / @8BarBikes
Stefano Nucera / @calamarocc
Tim Pulleyn /  @timothypulleyn
Tom Donhou /  @donhoubicycles
Tom Hill  /  @24tom
Tom Owen /  @owentcharles
Will Meyer /  @brothercycles
Willy Mulonia /  @willywyqui
Zack Gill

Bedrock Sandals

Cairn Sandals

Comfy and packable on & off-the-bike footwear for your cycling adventures...


Helix Coffee-Maker

A collapsible inverted cone-shape coffee maker, for pour-overs on the move...



The 2018 re-print of Fred Wright's Rough Stuff Cycling in the Alps book - the original guide to adventuring by bike in the Alps....