Our Vision

The Pannier Vision

Pannier |ˈpanɪə|
1. a resource, and community for travelling cyclists

We love to explore and discover the world.
We believe the best way to do this is on a bike.

“On a bicycle you go fast enough to cover a whole continent in a reasonable time
and slow enough to see very many interesting things”
[Frank Van Rijn]

We love the simplicity of life on two wheels.
We want to champion those who travel by bike and inspire and enable others to pedal off on their own journeys.

We love seeking adventure, however hard or easy, long or short.
We want to source and provide the best touring equipment to serve travelling cyclists on their adventures.

We love to tell stories.
We want to share the experiences of those who make the journey of a lifetime, and those who spend their lifetime on a journey.

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Stefan Amato

Like many who set out on their first journey by bike, Stefan was hooked from day one. To celebrate finishing Architecture School, his unsupported LEJOG tour with two friends paved the way for pedalling many more kms in the UK and Europe – valuing a weekend escape as much as a longer, challenging tour. Pannier was founded as a resource for travelling cyclists to help plan, prepare for, and share their touring adventures – inspiring others to explore the world from the best vantage point: the saddle of a bike. Stefan can be found around his hometown of Greenwich daydreaming about, or plotting his next cycle tour over a pizza and a beer green tea.